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Marcus Mojo and Tyler Torro are rehearsing for their upcoming strip show, just running through the possibilities and working on logistics. Jimmy Clay is the nosy neighbor who drops in from time to time totally unannounced. Sometimes it's a nuisance, and sometimes it's a blessing. Today it is the latter, as he walks in to discover Marcus and Tyler stripped down to their skivvies and gyrating like a couple of naked animals. They quickly incorporate Jimmy into their charade, ganging up to strip him down, and then taking turns taking advantage. Jimmy, for his part, doesn't mind. In fact, that's sort of what he hopes for when he comes by, so when he looks up to find double cocks in his face, he goes to town on them like a dinner buffet. Bending him over, both Tyler and Marcus have a cock in one of his holes, and they all seem to love it, at least gauging by the massive triple shot of cum that ends up all over Jimmy's chest.Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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Best triple shot at the end that I have ever seen!
2016-07-30 07:34
Super hot sex in this video ! Marcus and Tyler are two of the sexiest guys on the site. Jimmy is hot too. Great chemistry between these three. Liked the humor
during the dance routine. A big thumbs up !
2015-04-03 21:49
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