Nerd Lust

  • : 12-28-2017 |
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As Dante Martin studies for an exam, his roommate's friend, Austin Hunter, surprises him with an unwanted visit. Austin seems to only be here to harass Dante, asking him all sorts of offensive questions about his lifestyle. Dante is remiss to give Austin the satisfaction at first, but as the inquiry progresses, he begins to suspect that maybe Austin's ridiculing is coming from a place of personal curiosity, maybe even envy. Sure enough, as he eyes Austin's package, he notices the bulge in his shorts getting bigger and bigger, and realizes that Austin isn't here for harassment, he's here for sexual release. Cautiously, Dante begins to advance on Austin, who whips out his cock and shoves it down Dante's mouth. Dante swallows all of it to the base, and Austin is instantly impressed. Rock hard, he bends Dante over and proceeds to have his way with goody two shoes Dante, fucking him bareback in every position. Flipping Dante over, he fucks the cum out of him, and Dante shoots a massive load all over himself, just as Austin pulls out and douses him with his own straight boy batch. Dante, now cum covered, smiles up at Austin looking down at him, as the two of them realize their previously contentious relationship is about to enter the next chapter.


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#naturalbornalpha great opening, awesome dialog. and that shirt! Natural Born ALPHA!
just a bit more direction along the way might have helped keep the vibe through to the end?

would love to see more of this concept. Alpha male bitches a sub and owns him.
2021-02-03 06:19
You guys have to do at least one more scene like this on where totally str8 guy seduces gay guy and makes him his bitch for a day, totally fantasy material!  This scene will always be one of my favorites on any site out there!
2019-06-13 11:59
is Austin ever doing a video?
2019-01-06 18:29
Loved Austin! Hope to see more of this hot stud...
2018-05-29 15:43
I am a huge fan of Dante Martin and watching him get seduced by the straight guy was a nice twist on an old theme!  Would have been even hotter if he had taken Austin's load on his face and sucked his cum covered dick back into his sweet mouth (those are my favorite scenes of Dante's.)  While Austin may not have reciprocated much to Dante that's ok since he was a straight guy playing the role of a straight guy.
2018-03-04 20:44
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