New Boundaries

  • : 05-22-2013 |
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Newbie Kyle Lawrence waits in the bathroom alone, somewhat nervous regarding Cody's intentions. Quiet and shy, but willing nonetheless, he says nothing as Cody enters. Cody pulls out his cock to test Kyle, wanting to see how he'll repsond to having Cody's meat so close to him. It's so close that Kyle can practically taste it, so he does: opening his mouth wide as Cody jams half his shaft down Kyle's throat. Kyle rubs his cock through his pants, unzipping his fly and pulling out his dick, growing more and more firm by the second. Cody strokes his own cock with the tip of its head between Kyle's lips, as he teases it with his tongue. Cody throws his head back in pleasure as Kyle gags on every inch, each of them mere moments away from explosion, as Kyle goes first and then Cody follows with a blast of hot load all over Kyle's chest. And it might be the first time Kyle's been covered in another man's cum, but if Cody has his way, it won't be the last.


Cody Cummings

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1 comment

Fast forwarding though this scene to try and find ANYthing worth viewing I have cum to the conclusion Mr Cumming's must have shares in ND.... No way in the world would any other studio show this dribble otherwise ...
2015-01-03 18:22
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