Next Door Homemade: Derek McLaughlin & Vinny Blackwood

  • : 01-24-2017 |
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Vinny Blackwood has been continuing his sexcapades and catching the action on camera for us. This time, he's convinced a hot blonde dude, named Derek McLaughlin to join him for some fun.

Derek has a great body and seems very eager to hook up with Vinny on camera. I can't help but wonder if Derek knows how big of a slut Vinny has been lately haha! Either way, you can't blame Derek for wanting to get naughty with a sexy guy like Vinny. They start out kissing each other passionately. The clothes come off and they get into some steamy 69 action. Vinny has set up not one, but TWO cameras, so we have an alternating view of these boys as they enjoy one another.

The hot sucking leads Derek to accept Vinny's hard cock in his ass. There's nothing like two attractive, regular guys fucking in a hotel room, letting the focus be right there on the sensuousness of the moment. Vinny pounds him from behind, and also with Derek on his back. They finish up with Derek eating Vinny's ass and Vinny spraying a big, warm load all over Derek's stomach. What a sexy, candid treat for us...thanks Vinny!

Next Door Originals


Loved this! I like the amateur look and feel. Derek is damn hot. Yeah, the lighting is not perfect, but really gives a voyeur feel to it.
2020-04-18 13:42
Reminds me of a nice College motel hoook-up. ;)
2020-04-11 10:51
I know this was amateur hour for porn videography, but better camera angles and lighting would had sufficed for this scene. Maybe a hand held camera for POV shots as well. Derek is HOT! Has a nice dick and ass. HE should be featured more. Unfortunately I found the creator of this piece, Vinny uninspiring. He appeared bored through all the sex. hmmm...........maybe he should not be involved in the home porn business. Just a thought.
2017-02-17 10:22
It does not hold your interest, the two did not seem to be into it.....too much  light on one camera and too little on the other..... at the foot of the bed would be better for one of the angles.
2017-02-14 02:16
have the dudes hand hold the camera too for better closes ups of the penetration.  To really avoid the check the camera really quick moments that just break the action unnecessarily
2017-02-10 00:46
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