Next Door Nookie

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It's another classic story: the boys on the neighborhood block getting the old gang back together for some old fashioned fun. Adrian Rivers, Jessie Kale, Dakota Wolfe, and Tyson Stone make up the 'Next Door Nookie Club,' and each member has an integral role.

Even though they haven't cum together for a good time in a while, not one of the boys doesn't think often of the raucous sexual adventures the foursome would have together. It was a pleasant surprise when Tyson Stone received the call from Jessie Kale, telling him that sexy Dakota Wolfe was outside, looking unoccupied. When Jessie suggested they get ahold of Adrian Rivers to get the Nookie Club back together for the day, it was the beginning of a brand new adventure.

They all met up at Jessie's, where he and Dakota had already started kissing and rubbing each other. Tyson and Adrian joined the makeout session right away. Soon clothes were off and the boys were enjoying the feeling of nude flesh pressed together again. The glances, the touches, and the oh-faces were familiar, but all felt so good to re-experience. As Dakota fucked his friend's tight ass and Jessie felt his good pal's hard cock go in and out of his eager hole, the four boys let their inhibitions fly away for the afternoon. Adrian smiled and breathed deep as he slammed his pulsating dick into Tyson. There was no better feeling than knowing you and your good friends are enjoying something together.


Next Door Twink

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This scene is awesome  Young, hot asses and very into fucking.  LOVE IT!
2017-09-18 21:29
I guess I might be in the minority, but I think these older films at NextDoorTwinks are HOT... I disagree with the models being "girlish" - they are all young guys.. young, hung and full of cum... I guess it's just a matter of opinion and taste which kind of guy one finds attractive. I think NDT is awesome, and sincerely hope NDWorld begins re-updating this site with  scenes and models similar to this one!!
2016-12-21 19:40
I really like this scene more scenes with Tyson please!
2015-03-20 08:49
Tyson is one lanky, skinny hot twink. In his solo scene, he claimed to be a top who had never bottomed, despite playing with and inserting dildos, quite the cock tease. In this scene however, Tyson gets his anal cherry popped and then pounded twice - first by Jessie and then by Adrian. Let's see Tyson bottom some more!
2014-12-14 00:10
Tyson Stone is a stud!
2014-10-25 00:47
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