My Stepbrother's Virgin Hole

  • : 07-07-2019 |
  • : 14495
Featuring Scott Finn, Donte Thick
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Scott Finn is showering when his step-brother, Donte Thick walks in and surprises him. Donte has noticed the way Scott has been looking at him and takes advantage of their parents being away to get some action from his younger step-brother. He invites him to the couch and tells Scott to suck his big dick. Scott takes it all in, looking directly into Donte's eyes until Donte asks him to bend over so he can finger Scott's eager hole. Scott loves the attention from his older brother, he's fantasized about this for so long!

Donte finally guides his huge cock into Scott and fucks him until Scott can't take it anymore and unleashes his huge load. He begs Donte to cum and he releases himself all over Scott's asshole. Donte's not done though and he guides his cum soaked cock back into Scott, praising his good little step-brother. Finally satisfied, they quickly get up to clean before their parents return home.

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Love love love father/son stuff! Having previously been subscribed to sites such as "familydick", which was too costly to continue, knowing you guys are doing your own makes this worth while - it's all fantasy, after all, and if viewers watching can't understand that, then they shouldn't be watching. I'd lose the POV angles though as, ironically, they take the viewer out of the scene. Even rival site "brothercrush" lost their POV scenes early on. Stick to the tried and tested general shots, and keep up the good stories and you'll have conquered a new and much fantasied gay market.
2019-11-11 03:44
Yes! When can we expect Next Door Taboo to launch?!?! I'd definitely say lose the POV or don't make that the common occurrence. Other sites have stopped doing POV as much too.
2019-11-11 02:39
Of course I'm a fan of Scott and Dante. I don't mind the POV, but - fantasy or no - I don't like the family theme especially if you follow some viewers' suggestions and drop the step- identifier. Your models are of course older and not children, but you're suggesting that sex between siblings and fathers is normal. Get real, child abuse is epidemic and you know that.
2019-11-10 14:16
Fails for me on three levels, no kissing, hate POV and the entire implied incest themes.   Just dispense with the gimmicks , let our imagination go with the setup .    Just provide two hot guys making out and having hot sex.
2019-10-12 12:18
Young boys should not play with real hot men with wellsized thicks - i turned of the sound - to much screem . . .
2019-10-23 15:00
With regards turning sound off......I've stated before with Scott's annoying hollering is such a turn off...I too turn volume down or off...this one I turned sounds fake...he needs to be instructed to moan at times...but all of this "awwww fuck.....awwww shit" for 20 minutes is annoying....otherwise I like this kid a lot.
2019-10-28 11:21
Huge Scott Finn fan. Love everything he has done until this. Not a fan of POV at all.
2019-10-12 10:11
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