Nosy Best Friend

  • : 03-02-2017 |
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While Chris Blades' life choices are up to him, lately best friend Dalton Riley has been noticing some peculiar behavior. Chris has been much more secretive and evasive than ever before, and when Dalton goes snooping and finds a ton of gay porn on Chris' tablet, he's sure he's discovered the secret Chris is trying to protect. The funny thing is, Dalton is less upset that Chris has been keeping his secret from him than he is that Chris didn't think to include Dalton. When he confronts Chris, Dalton makes it obvious that he'd be willing to partake in some extra-curricular activities anytime Chris was game for it. Chris seems skeptical at first, but as Dalton unzips his pants and begins to suck him off, Chris realizes he should have been messing around with Dalton all along. Dalton flips Chris over and tongues his hole, before leading him back to the bedroom to give him a proper fucking. Bending him over, Dalton pounds Chris harder than he ever imagined was possible. Chris strokes his cock as Dalton goes to town, and after fucking him all over the bedroom, Chris spits his load all over his stomach as Dalton pulls out and blasts him with a dripping mess of a cumshot. 'This makes things a lot more interesting,' Chris says, as Dalton laughs at the day's turn of events.


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Chris you are the best! Great to watch while you're being fucked. A sheer joy and asset to NDS I must say.
2017-11-16 20:44
Nice scene.  Bottom Chris needs a big dick up his butt, which long dong Dalton is happy to provide.  The plot of this video is that Chris gets first fucked by Markie and later that day by his roommate Dalton.  Chris must have had a sore butt by the end of that day.
2017-03-04 23:53
Always great to see Chris Blades in a scene and see that hot body of his worked over and covered in cum......Dalton does a good job on Chris.
2017-03-02 14:42
Always thought Chris was a GFP  but if you watch his facial expressions when he bottoms that smile of pleasure comes out.  Dalton is a good top and needs more work.  Like the  limited ink too.
2017-03-02 07:06
Love me some Chris Blades.........keep him and me cumming.
2017-02-11 10:13
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