Office Stories - Secret Quickie

  • : 07-28-2018 |
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Taking a break, co-workers Quentin Gainz and Donte Thick reminisce about the previous night's festivities, and they both get so worked up recounting their experience that they decide to sneak off for a private quickie. Donte leads Quentin to a rarely used office and they quickly strip out of their clothes, taking turns sucking each other off before Donte tells Quentin he can't wait any longer. He sits Quentin down on the sofa and eats his ass before laying back and telling Quentin to climb aboard. Quentin rides him as Donte lay fully inverted, his svelte body flexed as he pumps his hard cock into Quentin's raw hole. He bends Quentin onto his knees and fucks him doggy style over the edge of the couch, pounding him until he's ready to burst. Right on the edge, he pulls out flips onto his back, telling Quentin to fuck the cum out of him. Now it's Quentin's turn to pound and he slides his bareback cock deep inside Donte's hole as Donte strokes his massive hard on. Quentin gives him one hard thrust and Donte shoots his load all over himself, begging Quentin for his seed. Quentin pulls out and unloads on Donte, sliding his cock back inside as Donte wriggles and moans. He tells Quentin that they have a mess to clean up, and they quickly dress and tidy up.Enjoy!

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Nice pairing, wish they didn't body hair shave at all, then I would have liked others they've both done
2019-07-21 15:07
One of the best.  Quentin' sucking Donte's big dick is excellent.  Donte eating Quentin's ass is excellent.  Quentin's cum shot is great.
2019-05-19 12:53
Editor NDRAW, bring back Donte Thick soon back on stage,   this man is so hot and my favorite at your studio,   his 9" inch is the best !!
2018-09-10 10:36
Love Donte Thick, this guy is my favorite, he is for sure so Horse Hung, his cock is so huge....Could not believe my eyes when I first saw his performance at NDRAW, this man is real hot.  His hairy chest makes him so sexy...  Good pair with Quentin Gainz too, Quentin is a hot bottom, and that he could take that huge 9" inch man shaft of Donte Thick  inside his hot ass.....  Wooww love this video !!!
2018-09-10 10:32
Quentin that beautiful boy going up and down that cock, especially in that position is a sheer pleasure to watch!
2018-09-02 04:31
Yes love Quentin Gainz too,  love to see he takes that huge 9"inch manpiece of Donte Thick...inside his cute Ass....  That cock is really Huge !!!
2018-09-10 10:34
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