Only By Marriage

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For brothers-in-law Pierce Hartman and Seth Santoro, family gatherings wouldn't be so bad if their respective families weren't such chatty birds. Pierce and Seth have disappeared from the madness to drink a cold one in the garage, and as they do, they trade complaints. For Seth, it's a double edged rod, since he also isn't getting any action from his wife. All the struggle, none of the reward. Pierce can see the look of frustration in his brother-in-law and thinks he has a solution, as he reaches out and grabs Seth's package through his jeans.'Whoa!' Seth screams, but Pierce convinces him that there isn't a much better way to pass the time at these damn family get togethers, and besides, Seth's cock is already starting to get hard in his pants, so Pierce persists and Seth relents, reluctantly at first, but increasingly more enthusiastically as Pierce begins to deep throat his dick. Pierce slams Seth's cock all the way down his throat, before Seth falls to his knees and returns the favor. Once good and hard, Pierce bends Seth over the back seat of the family minivan and proceeds to fuck him in every possible way: over the seat, hanging out the back, horizontal across the floor of the van- any way he can imagine- before unleashing his load all over Seth's stomach.

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This was hot! I loved it.
2021-11-28 01:11
blablabla, LOVED the jazzy track at the start. so chill and sweet! you guys always come up with some cool vibes.
2020-05-16 20:11
New to the site but loving it. Pierce in his big dick and Seth. OMG, he's handsome. Thought they'd hear someone coming? Doubtful with all their moaning. LOL Surprised not only the wives and kids didn't hear them but the neighborhood. LOL Good pic though.
2015-08-10 06:42
ADMIN: Well, a very warm welcome to you, member! =) Glad to hear you're enjoying the site so far!
2015-08-10 10:13
G-d Seth is sexy and hot, please don't tell me he is either bi or str8, Now Pierce I thought he was ok, but he just look and act str8 or the vid was okay!
2015-11-18 14:57
2015-07-13 15:18
How about a movie with fathers and sons? Say a Coach and assistant coach each have a college son that plays on the football team, wrestling team, etc. Both the coach's and sons stay after a match to clean up and put away the equipment. Coach's have showers in their offices and always take a shower after the game, the boys take a shower together in the gym. Coach's offices have no water, they go to grab a shower with the boys, only they find the boys in a 69 position, they stop and watch for a few minutes. One dad says to the other it looks like they are enjoying themselves. SO the Dad's walk in and the boys stop, scared to death at being caught by their dads. Both dad's say its cool, they think they'll join, the dad's start kissing each other, the boys go back to playing, the dad's get into it., then the boys and dad's start with each other. Could be a whole series around the subject. Make it believable. Dad's have wedding rings, etc. Continue it, dad and son at home start playing, each set, dad's meet up without the wives and etc, etc.
2015-06-07 23:02
Sounds like you are advocating incest. Whatever rocks your boat, dude. LOL
2015-06-08 08:22
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