Pajama Bottom

  • : 12-17-2014 |
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Featuring Ace Parker, Daniel Ross
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When Daniel Ross wakes up for class in his new dorm, he realizes the shower is occupied...bummer! He'll just have to wait. But while he does, there's no harm in taking a peek at who's washing up! Turns out it's Ace Parker, the hot upper classman on Daniel's hall. Daniel's wanted to see Ace naked since they first met, and now's his chance!

Daniel watches the Ace soap up his entire deliciously chiseled body. As he peers from around the door, Daniel touches himself, squeezing his growing boner. When Daniel slips on a corner of wet linoleum and bumps against the wall, blowing his cover, Ace is shocked. But he's also intrigued. He turns the water off and the two go to each other, finally embracing and kissing. Daniel sucks Ace's beautiful, freshly washed cock for a few moments before the boys take the quickly escalating action back into Daniel's room. They lay on his bed, where they kiss even more passionately. Ace soon goes down and has a good, long taste of Daniel's sweet dick. Then Daniel enjoys a mouthful of Ace's strong cock. After the intense oral session, Daniel allows Ace to slide his throbbing dong into him. The hard, meaty dick feels good. Daniel knew a cool guy like Ace would know how to fuck. Join this dorm room sex party where a couple of good students decide to be naughty for the day.


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gotta love this scene
2016-01-23 23:49
Good theme of the underclassman watching the upperclassman shower in the dorm rest room, getting caught and then moving the party to the dorm room. I think that Daniel Ross is one handsome twink bottom with Ace Parker being a very good top. For a really super twink scene, I would pair Daniel Ross with Tommy White and have Tommy top Daniel. Those two kids look so youthful, the scene could be called "18 Year Olds in Heat
2015-09-22 00:33
I can't tell you how many times I've cum to this video, because I've lost count. Ace Parker is HOT! My kinda boy! Love his build, his voice, his cock, and how he tops! Bring us more of this beautiful stud muffin!!
2015-07-07 11:14
man i love ace, that smile , that compact body, he could fuck me all day . , then at night i would make him a killer dinner, then spend a hour eating his ass for dessert
2015-02-07 09:08
ace really knows how to suck a dick and fuck , i think im in love
2015-01-21 14:21
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