Phantom Of Allure

  • : 02-14-2017 |
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The night shift at the old theatre downtown can be a creepy time to work. Osiris Blade is on duty tonight. While shooing away mice and telling local riffraff to 'beat it!' sometimes Osiris hears mysterious creaks and footsteps. Tonight, he knows there's someone there. He can feel someone...or something, watching from the shadows of the ornately adorned interior of the historic building. Osiris waits in the dark to catch a glimpse of the phantom. Just at the right time, Osiris flicks on a stage light, illuminating the mysterious presence. It's a scantily clad young man named Leo Brooks. Leo wears only a black, shear cape, a pair of red underwear, and a mask over his eye area. 'AHA!' Osiris exclaims as Leo spins around to face him. 'Now show me what you've got,' Osiris demands. Leo, knowing he's been caught with no escape, decides to indulge the theatre caretaker...with dance. Somehow, from behind the stage, a hypnotic dance track starts up. Neither Leo nor Osiris knows who is playing the music. Leo gyrates his body to the beat. As the rhythm obscures his senses, Osiris approaches the phantom on the stage. They come together and kiss. Osiris drops to his knees, pulls out Leo's cock and sucks it with desperate passion. They remove their costumes and Leo returns the favor, slurping down Osiris's erect dong. Neither can believe the intensity of his own desire, in the moment, for wild indiscretion. Osiris gets behind Leo and puts his face in Leo's ass, licking the tight, eager hole. He reaches up from underneath and strokes Leo's firm dick. When the moment is right, Leo stands up and bends Osiris over to slide his hard cock into the night watchman's plump rear end. He pounds and pounds, ramming Osiris with his throbbing meat. Join these two strangers, meeting in the night, as they experience one another right on the stage of the old theatre. None can resist the PHANTOM OF ALLURE!

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agree the production value of this video is abysmal, a pity as the men are damn hot. Leo obviously enjoys the sex, going by the pre cum oozing out. more of Leo please!
2018-03-18 11:40
How can we pale pathetic males compare to the beauty of these men of colour. What a pity our ancestors migrated north out of ""Africa!
2018-02-14 20:53
The difference in production quality between the "flagship" site and this half budget creation is night and day. I love the main website, and the amount of effort they put into it. However, when compared to the only part of the network that seem to showcase people darker than orange (also a rarity), and can't help but scratch my head at the obvious discrepancies. In this day and age, the segregated "ebony" site could easily offend anyone, and is frankly unnecessary.  It feels like Management gave this minimal effort, as most models don't even have a filled out profile let alone intro before any scene;  The scenes being on average half the video length of their main NDS counterparts. Why is there still such a severe lack of interracial performances across the board? Is it rocket science to pair someone like Scotty Zee or Paul Cannon in an interracial scene? I'm not talking about a token performance to shut everyone up. This should not be tolerated in 2017, and until heads get pulled out of asses, I am forced to cancel for now.
2017-08-04 13:06
The guys are really hot, but I'm a little disappointed that the cameraperson did not catch Osiris' cum shot.
2017-02-19 11:17
I agree that it's clear that this site is the step child of NDS.  It's clearly just the an effort by the parent company to try and produce something in the cheapest way possible while still charging the same price as their other content.  As a POC, I definitely can't keep giving my money to a studio that doesn't value my dollar or interest.
2017-02-14 22:34
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