Pheonix Heats Up

  • : 08-29-2017 |
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Pheonix Fellington is ready to rise again, and Ian Greene is just the man to help him. Pheonix' body is ripped and looking great, and Ian is certainly no slouch either, as he kisses his way down Pheonix' body and removes his underwear. He sucks Pheonix off before he's thrown onto the bed, where Pheonix returns the favor before offering Ian his sweet ass. Ian raw dogs Pheonix missionary style, fucking him good and hard as he spreads Pheonix wide open. Having had his fill, the two of them switch, and Ian crawls onto his hands and knees, ass perched in the air. Pheonix dives in face first before standing up and giving Ian some bareback doggy style pounding. Ian's nice ass bounces against Pheonix' stomach as he takes every inch of Pheonix' thick cock, and when Pheonix flips him around and fucks him missionary, Ian can barely last, spitting his load almost instantly as Pheonix pulls out and blasts him with his nut, coating Ian in jizz as he wags his cock around in the puddle on Ian's belly.Enjoy!

Next Door Ebony

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Damn Phoenix is one beautiful man. Great scene NDS
2018-06-18 02:02
Phoenix needs To comeback To NDS ASAP! He should do a scene with Mark Long.
2018-05-02 01:22

My boi Phoenix is fyn as fuk!  Him, A.Miller and Liam look good, have nice bodies, don't wear socks when they fuk, and got nice looking hands and feet, yo.Phoenix like to git busy with white guys but that's kool.  He STILL my boi.  Looking as fyn as HE does, he can sleep with ANYBODY he wants, lol.  He always gives a good shoe, especially when he feeling passionate.  I would love to fuck him during a wrestling match, pin him down and slide my dik ryt in while he on his stomach and listen to him moan while I ride that ass slow motion.  Damn. Just thinkin bout that shit got me hard as fuk.  Yo, stay strong Phoenix, bruh.

2018-04-23 13:34
Ian Greene you are 1 of the best and my favorite men at NDstudios.... your hairy chest and body are amazing hot.....   Love horse hung  P. Fellington, this black guy has such a huge cock, its really HUGE !!!   please bring both men Ian Greene and Fellington back soon.
2018-04-12 20:23
Ian's cum shot is almost minimal. 
Phoenix is damn hot. Bring him back!
2018-03-10 22:31
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