Playful Buddies

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Good friends Roman Todd and Quentin Gainz are just out by the pool enjoying a little R'n'R, soaking up some rays, taking a quick dip, horsing around- all standard fare- until a game of grab ass gets a little too heated. Quentin runs off into the house as Roman gives chase. Quentin hides around a ledge as Roman comes around the corner and de-pants his buddy and Roman returns the favor. Now with both guys standing naked in the living room, one thing leads to another and before he knows it, Quentin is on his knees sucking off his friend in bed. Roman gags Quentin with his cock as Quentin takes his rod all the way to the base, spitting on the head as he comes up for air before dropping back down and letting it hit the back of his throat. Roman is hard as a rock and ready to fuck like crazy, so he bends Quentin over and eats his ass from behind as he strokes his cock, plunging it deep in Quentin's ass and pounding his bro doggy style as Quentin grabs onto the sheets for dear life. Roman fucks Quentin hard from behind before Quentin takes control, mounting Roman's dick and riding him as he gets closer to cumming. Roman flips Quentin over one last time and fucks him missionary as Quentin's load shoots out all over him. Roman pulls out and blasts Quentin with a super load that makes a hot mess all down Quentin's face and chest, prompting him to suggest the two of them take another lap in the pool. Roman smiles, ready for round 2.


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Endless buffering... Again
2021-12-10 18:22
These  two  guys  are  so  fucking  hot  together !  Quentin  has  always  been  my  #1  man  on  the  site  but  Roman  is  speeding  up  my  favorites  list  very  fast !  I  love  his  beefy  build  and  he  has  the  most  gorgeous  legs  I've  ever  seen !  That  little  scar  on  his  forehead  is  so  sexy.  ( sorry  if  that  sounds  strange )  The  minute  they  started  to  play  around  I  was  hard , they  need  to  share  more  scenes  in  the  future !  Together  their  chemistry  sparks ....... the  crew  may  want  to  keep  a  fire  extinguisher  handy !  Scenes  like  this  are  why  I  renewed  my  subscription  last  month !     Thanks  NDS !!
2017-10-19 09:55
Roman is awesome.  Love Quentin, but his worst performance ever - couldn't even get hard - no chemistry in this scene at all.
2017-08-26 20:56
Dilated pupils? For ME to perform what I am viewing, getting stoned first would be an absolute must! Whatever floats your boat and gets it here, baby, BRING IT ON! I am eating it up, through my eyes!
2016-11-12 10:23
I see a minimal hair trail on Quentin's muscled abdomen from pubes to pecks. It serves as a road map from cock to nips. At the end toward the chin I'd love to turn right and left to suck and lick those sexy round bumps, just to see how much he enjoys it!
2016-11-12 10:11
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