Playing Around

  • : 12-05-2018 |
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As he takes his turn to pitch, Justin Matthews can feel Markie More eyeing him up and down, and when he scores a sudden ringer, he effectively buries Markie's chances for a comeback, so there's no reason they shouldn't stop and just go fool around. Justin gives in and Markie leads them over to a cabana where he shows Justin what he means, deep throating Justin's dick and sucking on his hole as he tongue fucks Justin's sweet ass. Justin moans and agrees that Markie is much better at this game, but when Markie plunges his rock hard cock deep into Justin's bare hole, he realizes Markie might just be the best. Markie fucks him on the cabana as Justin strokes himself hard, and when he's had his fill, Markie lets Justin have his turn, mounting him and riding him until Justin is ready to spit his load. He pulls out and shoots all over Markie's hole as Markie cums all over his chest.

Next Door Raw

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Came into this scene looking for Justin, who in all his stills looks sculpted as fuck, but this was obviously at the beginning of his career--Markies's cock up his was burning for most of the fuck. But Markie--fucking Justin at the fence his lower body was like something carved out of marble--the magnificent arse, thighs and calves and yet when he plunked that ass on Justin's cock was full and maleable, living flesh giving into living flesh. Beautiful.
2020-03-21 00:36
I keep coming back to this video because these two men are so beautiful, and the chemistry seems real.  Two of the most handsome faces, two of the most breathtaking muscular bodies (without being musclebound and bulky) and the scene is so well-filmed. Especially love the part where they are standing and Justin has his foot up on that fence.  Wow!  (Also, I simply cannot understand why anyone thinks Markie looks old, or bad in any way at all)!   Highest rating here!
2020-02-16 04:13
Let's Put the Next Door back in NextDoor!
Between the beard with shaved head and the surplus off tattoos, More is a hard no. Matthews is a hard yes!
2019-12-06 06:09
Listen you judgmental bastards. Markie is fine as hell. I'm glad he is switching up his look. I busted a load with is new look and previous looks. Doesn't matter. As you jack-offs know, looking at the same thing over and over for pleasure will get old quickly. Hence why most of us are all here.
2019-11-30 15:22
Great scene with two great guys.  Especially loved seeing Markie fucking Justin while they were standing.  You don't see that in every scene, and with these two beautiful men, it was over the top wonderful.
2019-11-21 02:22
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