Poolside Massage

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Addison Graham has the house all to himself for the week, while his parents are off on vacation. It's such a beautiful day that Addison decides he could use a little rest and relaxation as well, so he orders himself a four handed massage from a local service provider. When Jake Karhoff and Ivan James arrive at Addison's house, they're blown away at the grounds, the property and most of all the pool, as Addison leads them out to the deck.Ivan is already eyeing Addison's bubble butt as he rubs his back, and as Jake sneaks a peek under Addison's towel, he sees the host is already half hard from his double rub down, so Jake begins to push the envelope, running his hand along Addison's crack, and then licking the inside of his thigh. Ivan has already removed his shorts and has his dick in Addison's mouth, and as he sucks away, the guys realize their host is down with the program, so they shed all pretense and both Ivan and Jake begin to have their way with Addison. Ivan fucks Addison's mouth while Jake eats his asshole, licking him up and down before shoving his cock deep inside.

Addison continues to suck on Ivan as Jake pounds away, but Ivan is clearly jealous and wants a piece, so they switch up, and Ivan goes to town as Jake kisses Addison. Jake watches Ivan do his business but before he busts, he'd like one more crack at Addison's crack before he loses his nut, so Addison flips over and Jake finishes him off missionary, slamming into Addison with thrust after thrust as Ivan begins to spray his load all over Addison's glistening body. Jake pulls out and blasts Addison with a double dose of jizz before Addison completes the trifecta with his own well massaged release. With all three of them sated and satisfied, they hop in the pool to wash off and cool down.


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I would love to have Ivan James Breed Me
2017-10-21 04:05
I want to fuck each of those men so bad
2017-01-12 06:55
This vid sets a new NDW standard. Great trio, fantastic scenery, even a condor circling below an airplane! The total absence of tats on Ivan makes him a new favorite for this subscriber. His perfect physique, sans ink, makes him a demigod of the porn world he deserves to be. Please, please more of him!
2016-10-19 09:06
Os caras são lindos,o cenário ensolarado mas a cena é fria , sem envolvimento,sem paixão,tudo mecânico e repetitivo, faltou beijo,olho no olho,tesão ,claro que é filme mas romance sempre é bom, achei chato,poderia ter começado na piscina e irem para o quarto. Além de beleza é preciso ter charme , como Kierne Duecan e Tyce Jax. Ivan ainda é inciante,mas se for sempre assim robótico em cena,vai ser tornar cansativo.
2016-10-09 18:49
This video reminds me of a sports massage I received years ago from a masseur who also was a sports trainer for an Ivy League sports team. If you accepted his offer of a "happy ending", you received a piece of banana sliding a little bit up your butt and getting jerked off to orgasm. When I asked him what percentage of his straight young Ivy League jocks chose the "happy ending", he replied 100% !
2015-11-15 23:20
Seriously man? was your masseur good looking and hot? wtf? i love massage with happy ending...
2016-09-16 09:42
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