Porch Party

  • : 09-16-2012 |
  • : 32577
Featuring Trystan Bull, Ben Rose
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Trystan Bull and Ben Rose are amped up and excited for this party they have planned to attend later this evening. However, as Trystan calls his friends to make some final arrangements, it turns out the plans have been cancelled, and Trystan and Ben must now figure something else to do with their night. Ben seems a little pissed, but Trystan takes it in stride, and suggests that he and Ben have their own little private party. Ben thinks about it for a second then eyeballs Trystan's cock, deciding it might be better than the original plans anyway. So he takes out Trystan's cock and begins to suck it as Trystan undresses. Stripping Ben's pants off, Trystan cups his ass cheeks and gets turned on at the thought of potentially fucking Ben. Potential turns to actualization a few moments later, when a rock hard Trystan enters Ben from behind and grabs his shoulders, slamming Ben back against his cock as Trystan pumps away. Ben gets fucked in this position for a while then flips Trystan onto his back and rides him while stroking himself off as Trystan fills him full of hard meat. Ben cums on himself as Trystan continues to pump away, and the site of Ben exploding sets Trystan over the edge, as he pulls out and also cums all over Ben. As they lay there cum covered and exhausted, it occurs to them how lucky they were to have their plans cancelled.Enjoy!

Trystan Bull

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Sadly, Trystan in this scene does a lot of groaning, but not a lot of jizz for all the fanfare..
2020-05-26 10:10
Trystan is a perfect stud!
2019-11-21 22:47
Trystan is the finest stallion in your stable! He looks totally comfortable in his own skin--especially when his skin is totally uncovered!
2018-04-14 23:20
Trystan Bull needs to get with the program I glad he fucks other men unlike Cody Cummings whose films I refuse to watch due to the homophobia. BUT I want Trystan to do more start sucking some cock and get fucked up the ass man LOL! Enough with this gay for pay bullshit you are already engaging in homosexual activity.
2016-02-04 02:15
Love it when they talk dirty to each other
2015-10-08 12:35
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