Pound & Punish

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Rob Lee is in a world of trouble. Imprisoned, alone, and at the mercy of his captives, Rob awaits his fate. Seconds later, he's yanked out of his cell by Race Cooper, Kiern Duecan and JP Richards who salivate at the thought of having their way with him. With Rob in the middle, they commence to ripping his clothes off him, whipping him and taunting him with their wagging dicks. Once stripped, JP rams two fingers up Rob's ass as Kiern chokes him with his thick cock. As Rob gags on dick at one end, JP and Race entertain ideas of tag teaming Rob's ass, and they commence to run a train on Rob until they've each had their fill. Rob takes every inch, thrust after thrust, and somewhere in the middle of being pounded by his captors, he realizes what a filthy fuckpig he really is, as the more cock he takes the more and more turned on he gets. As the guys shower him in one oozing load of jizz after another, his desire is piqued and he can contain himself no longer, letting his load go and watching it stain his already cum-drenched chest.


Next Door Ebony

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1 comment

i love that nasty asian guy, and I'm usually not even into asian guys,but the one's with all that beautiful muscle. yummy
2016-12-22 05:16
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