Private Contractor

  • : 09-06-2017 |
  • : 23369
Featuring Paul Canon, Mike Stone
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With his boyfriend studying downstairs, Paul Canon and contractor Mike Stone make their way towards the guest bathroom to discuss potential alterations to some of the fixtures, but on the way up the stairs, Paul boldly decides he'd rather do a different kind of pipe cleaning, as he throws Mike up against the wall and whips out his cock. Mike is down to get dirty, but he's worried Paul's boyfriend might hear them. This doesn't deter Paul, who begins sucking Mike's cock until he's rock hard and ready to fuck. Throwing Paul up against the wall and cupping his mouth to keep him quiet, Mike plunges his raw cock deep inside Paul's hole, fucking him doggy style as the boyfriend thinks he hears something a room away. He makes his way to the stairwell just as Mike and Paul move up one floor higher, and Paul mounts Mike reverse, bouncing on his pipe as he strokes his own dick hard. As Mike turns Paul over and fucks the cum out of him, Paul tells him to breed his hole, and Mike obliges, soaking Paul with his load just as Paul's boyfriend makes his way up the stairs. They duck into the bathroom and get dressed in a hurry so as not to get caught.Enjoy!

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I don't like it when a video says creampie but it isnt an internal one...
2021-09-30 01:55
This is the most recent scene to come up under the category Creampie, now more than a year old.  Will you be doing more, NDR?  Please??
2018-11-13 12:13
Something about Paul makes almost any scene he's in really hot.
More internals or at least half internals.
Pulling out is for porn...  and not in a good way  :(
2018-05-29 06:48
Paul is so yummy.
2018-04-05 22:47
Yes! Please add more scenes like this. I love the whole sneaking around scenario and that they have to quiet so not to get caught and I especially love the hand over mouth scene. It is so hot to see a guy cover another guy's mouth!
2017-09-23 00:23
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