Private Contractor

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As he makes an estimate, contractor Ricky Ridges gets a shocking eyeful of client Connor Halsted coming out of the shower. But when Ricky delivers his quote for the work Connor wants, it's Connor's turn to be a little shocked. With the quote coming in a little higher than his budget allows, Connor is asked to get creative. Noticing that Ricky is still staring at Connor's half naked body as they negotiate, Connor asks Ricky how much his curiosity is worth, and removing his towel, he asks Ricky whether they might be able to reach a compromise. He moves closer to Ricky and falls to his knees, unzipping Ricky's pants and taking his stiff cock into his mouth. Ricky has been at half mast since he saw Connor come out of the shower, but now with his dick in Connor's mouth, he's rock hard. Seeing that he has Ricky right where he wants him, Connor bends over and perches his ass up into the air, telling Ricky to have his way with him. Ricky obliges, plunging his bareback cock deep into Connor's waiting hole. He proceeds to fuck Connor all over the couch, firsts from behind, then letting Connor ride his meatstick, before finally pushing Connor onto his back and fucking the cum out of him. Connor spits a massive load onto his chest as Ricky pulls out and jizzes all over Connor, exhaling in a sweaty mess as he falls onto the bed next to Connor, telling him he'll start working Monday.Enjoy!

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Great to see a seducing the straight guy scene where the first bit of action isn't the straight guy kissing!
2019-09-15 00:54
Thankfully Connor left us some light ass hair
2019-07-21 15:22
SORRY but RICKY need to be a BOTTOM not a big COCK to be a TOP
2018-10-20 12:37
Just don't understand why so many directors think the expression on a face is better to show than the unveiling of a beautiful dick, as was done in this video.
2018-08-26 16:41
I love Connor, such a beautiful man. Too bad the other guy bores me to tears. Next.
2018-08-25 16:29
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