Private Daily's Homecumming

  • : 12-09-2011 |
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Featuring Rod Daily, Joe Parker
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This is the story of a brave soldier who risked it all, and found out what it takes to be a real, American hero. Even though Rod Daily knew he was leaving behind the softest lips he'd ever tasted, he had a duty. The calling was too strong. He just hoped he'd feel Joe Parker's cock in his ass again.

After a harrowing tour in Afghanistan, Rod's back and hungry for hard dick. The first place he goes once in the states is Joe's apartment. All the time he spent crouching in foxholes, he was thinking about Joe stuffing HIS hole. And now he's right where he wanted to be, back with Joe, feeling his throbbing cock in his mouth and then taking it deep into his ass. Joe's giving Rod a much deserved hero's welcome home and Rod's actually looking forward to this explosion.


Rod Daily

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Yes, I would like to be intensely throat fucked before taking Joe´s huge hard pertinacious cock deep in my ass while sucking Rod´s rock hard cock.Top fucking guys. I´d love to see Joe´s ass and both lap up each others cum.
2016-09-16 17:11
Joe Parker can climb in my bed anytime!!!
2016-07-05 17:02
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