Private Prep

  • : 06-12-2013 |
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Featuring Cody Cummings
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Cody Cummings has removed all pretenses here, and is giving you a glimpse into his pre-scene ritual, as he prepares his body and skin for filming. Rubbing lotion into his arms and down his stomach, he uses just enough to achieve the desired shimmer, then he hops up onto the bed and begins the main event. Slowly he works his cock into a stiffened state of attention, then eases his head back against a pillow as he starts to stroke. Laying on his back and thrusting his cock into the air, he has massaged himself to the verge of explosion, before sliding up onto his knees to shoot his load all over the bedspread. Simple. Straight-forward. Just unadulterated, unfiltered Cody for your enjoyment.


Cody Cummings

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1 comment

Cody's always hot and hunky! Love what he does!
2016-11-17 15:41
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