Professor Fantasy

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As soon as he exited the tarmac, exchange student Gabriel Cross knew Professor Dean Phoenix's tutelage would be an experience he'd likely never forget. His attraction was instaneous, and when he accidentally spies Dean mumbling his name in the shower, Gabriel realizes his education will not just be in the classroom. Dean's repuation for molding minds is legendary, but Gabriel soon finds out Dean's head game is not just scholastic in nature, as he swallows Gabriel's rock hard cock before extending his mentorship completely to a very receptive student. Gabriel takes Dean's instruction and anything else Dean can throw at him, as Dean pounds him on the basics and shows him a trick or two. As they both lay exhausted and satisfied, Gabriel contemplates spending an extra semester abroad.Enjoy!

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Gabriel Cross is awesome!  Love that he enjoys getting fucked so much - just like me lol!  Definitely want to see more of him.
2017-12-10 17:13
I liked this video, and, as an older man myself, I'm a bit jealous of how fit and energetic Dean can be in bed, even if he is getting paid for it. And, who couldn't enjoy seeing Gabriel, the more often, the better. My only disappointment was with the title. Did the young student seduce his professor, or was it all, in fact, just a fantasy? If it was a fantasy, the scene should have ended with a fade out and fade in to see Gabriel back in his own room jerking off alone. But, I would prefer the student seducing his professor and an ending with some appropriate dialogue to indicate that it was not a fantasy.
2017-05-23 16:21
More of Dean please!!!.. as much as you can film.. he's absolutely fantastic!!.. The sexy 'boy next door' all grown up!.. It's having a stud like him that will keep me a member.Powerfully good looking and sexy .. the dream mentor for any studs you present him with... can't get enough of him.
2017-05-22 22:13
Liked this one immensely, the dubious shade on Dean notwithstanding.     Perhaps you could do a sequel on NDR for a no-holds-barred good-bye session!
2017-05-22 18:45
I totally disagree with the comments on Dean. He looks in great shape for a older guy.  he has a nice cock, great tan.  Gabriel was very hot in this scene. He enjoyed having his hole eaten and getting fuck by Dean. I would have love to see dean get  fuck by Gabriel. Please keep Dean.
2017-05-22 14:03
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