Psychometry My Ass

  • : 05-10-2011 |
  • : 18136
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In school, Tyler Ford is studying psychometry, a phenomenon whereby an object's past, present & future can be told just by touch. Austin Wilde is not buying it, so he puts Tyler to the test, placing several 'objects' in his hand. Object number 1: Austin's giant cock, with Objective number 1 being to put it somewhere besides just in Tyler's hand. As a matter of fact, as soon as Tyler wraps his fingers around it, Austin knows exactly what's in Tyler's future.


Austin Wilde

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1 comment

Austin was awesome as always, Tyler sucked! Tyler might want to find another job. This is gay porn, if you can't suck beyond the head or enjoy taking it up the ass. You probably don't belong in this business.
2018-10-14 19:27
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