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When Leo Luckett finds buddy Quentin Gainz in the kitchen, he asks why Quentin's been ignoring him. Quentin plays it off that he's been busy cooking for his girlfriend, forgetting that Leo can see the empty box in the trash. Leo gives Quentin a playful look and tells him that there's plenty of time to cook up something for real. Quentin smiles as Leo leads him back to the bedroom.

Once there, Leo undresses Quentin and feasts on his body, sucking him off as Quentin stands above him. Leo reclines on the bed as Quentin fucks his mouth, then pushing him back against the pillows, he works his way down Leo's body, downing his cock and sucking his balls, all the while readying himself for the main course. He stands and teases Leo's hole with the head of his dick, then slowly inches it deep inside. Leo moans as Quentin grabs him by the waist and fucks him from behind. Sweating, Quentin cedes control to Leo, letting him take a ride while Quentin rests for the final push. Leo spreads his legs and bounces on Quentin's cock, grinding it to his satisfaction, and when he's ready to cum, he arches back and perches his legs wide, telling Quentin to fuck the cum out of him. Quentin grabs his calves and begins to pound away as Leo loses his nut all over himself. Quentin keeps pounding and Leo tells him he wants his nut. Quentin pulls out and empties his load, using the tip of his dick to slide it around Leo's winking hole, just as the timer goes off in the kitchen.


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Love Leo's, blond furry butt -  gorgeous
2019-07-22 15:50
I love anything with Quentin in it.  He might not have the biggest dick but I love to see him kiss and suck cock.
2018-07-21 17:02
I love both these guys but this was completely boring.
2018-05-20 02:21
Would really love to see some hand over mouth play in upcoming videos. Love seeing a guy cover another guy's mouth. I especially like the scenario where they are afraid of getting caught when they are fooling around...maybe a girlfriend or roommate is in the next room or maybe they are having sex in a semi public place and have to be quiet. Hopefully you can add in some hand over mouth content for me...Thanks!
2018-05-19 13:33
I love this new thicker body on Leo, I wish you could go back and shoot all of his former scenes with this hot bod.  Not to mention THAT ASS!!!
2018-05-19 00:13
i think he looks great with a little meat on his bones too
2018-07-29 15:47
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