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Princeton Price thought he and roomie Ryan Jordan had an understanding to include each other in their sexual desires, but when Princeton stumbles upon Ryan in the bathroom using a Flashjack, he questions his roommate's loyalty to the plan. To his credit, Ryan didn't mean to exclude Princeton from the fun, he just thought his roomie was busy, but he's more than willing to let Princeton give him a hand now that he's here. Princeton wants to give Ryan more than a hand, so after jacking Ryan off for a second, he falls to his knees and gives Ryan a little oral pleasure, sucking him off as Ryan closes his eyes. Ryan gets rock hard and has to admit Princeton is way better than a sex toy. After returning the favor, he asks Princeton to eat his ass, and Princeton obliges, rimming his roomie's tight hole and getting it nice and ready. Once it is nice and moist, Princeton plunges his rock hard dick into Ryan's waiting hole, fucking him raw from behind as Ryan watches it all in the mirror's reflection. Princeton fucks Ryan hard against the vanity before laying him out on an ottoman and continuing the fuck fest. He pounds Ryan missionary before changing things up, mounting Ryan's dick and letting him have a go at it. Ryan fucks Princeton's bareback hole as Princeton strokes himself off, spitting his load onto Ryan's chest as Ryan pulls out and blasts his hole from underneath. With both of them covered in jizz, they decide on two things. One, to take a shower and get cleaned up, and two, to include each other the next time either one of them wants to get down and dirty. Enjoy!

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This video is hot. I came three times. The best part starts around 22 minutes and is better the ending.
2020-05-13 23:11
Can we pleae see their faces while they cum?
2018-09-30 15:47
Ty Huber
How come no gorgeous guy ever happens upon ME when I'm using a Fleshjack?  Cute couple, nice kissing (tho I didn't care for the cut to the handjob @ 2:00-3:20;  feel free to go to a wider shot so we can see both the kissing and the handy.  Lighting is a bit off -- just so much backlight from the window makes the explicit action a little shaded.  Lovely kissing around 5:20.  Blowjobs -- okay, kind of perfunctory, and again that bright light from the garden.  Rimming was okay, but Princeton doesn't seem to be really committed to it and could learn some different techniques (the tongue is a spear but also a paintbrush). I'm usually wary of bathroom scenes because there's no place to get very comfortable and fuck; fortunately that cushioned vinyl table was on hand.  And they flipped -- yay.  So, technically an above average scene, some promising moments.  4/5.
2018-04-03 16:41
terrible camera work for first cum shot. they need to do better.
2018-03-30 21:18
This is one of the best if not the best scene all year. The kissing, the cock sucking,the rimming, and the flip flop fucking was spectacular. You did everything to make the scene hot as fuck. You did have him come on the outside and had him push the come in the asshole with his cock. I love to have the guy come inside and see it ooze out. So close to perfect. What an excellent pairing with these two. So fucking hot and I would love to fuck both Princeton and Ryan. Two of the hottest guys you have and I just loved this scene.
2018-03-26 17:38
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