Remotely Turned On

  • : 03-23-2018 |
  • : 10661
Featuring Derek Wulf, Jay Dymel
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With only one big tv in the living room and two different shows, it sure seems like roomie's Derek Wulf and Jay Dymel are in need of a compromise. Derek isn't about to just let Jay take over the living room, but Jay is pretty intent on watching his program. Derek asks Jay what he's gonna do for him, and Jay hesitates, unsure if Derek is serious. Derek tells him it's been a while and asks him how he feels about servicing him in the meantime. Jay assumes Derek is full of shit, grabbing the remote from him as Derek pops up and wrestles with Jay to get it back. Jay plays keep away but Derek is more interested in something else, and when Jay looks up at him, Derek bends down and kisses him hard on the lips. Jay realizes Derek is serious about the whole blow job thing, and moments later both guys are half naked on the couch, Jay on his knees, with Derek's cock in his mouth. Derek gets rock hard as Jay deep throats him, bending him over the side of the couch and plunging his raw cock deep inside of Jay's waiting hole. Derek shows no mercy on his roommate, giving him a hard pounding from behind as he fucks Jay all over the couch in every position, finally fucking the cum out of his roomie as he pulls out and soaks him with his load. As Derek slowly works the tip back in, he tells Jay the tv is all his, but Jay seems to have found something better to pass the time.


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I like Derek Wulf a lot. Think he's really sexy and is ALL MAN. I would not mind in the least having some great erotic fun with him. Don't know if you plan to make any more videos with him, hope that you do. MMMMMMMM HMMMMMM. Hunky. Would LOVE to pleasure him.
2019-02-23 23:03
Derek's dick in unattractive, he's a little fat, his crotch hair trim a bit pathetic, and his balls hang uneven  but imperfection can be hot and Derek  definitely displays a hot package  to go down on. Could  watersports be in his future? He's nasty and looks tasty!
2018-05-07 06:04
Jay is GORGEOUS, but what is up with the bleach blond hair? Love thick Latino Derek. Nice. With the Asian Solo and a couple of Latinos glad there is sone attempt at diversity in NDS model pool. Now if we can get Derek trained on how to have guy to guy sex in Real porn and not cam shows he will up his game quite a bit.
2018-04-19 07:04
Ty Huber
Not my cup of tea at ALL, but I applaud NDS for posting a scene that is outside the mainstream.  IN FACT, I think several fairly recent developments at NDS make it the premiere gay porn site operating today.  Examples:  the move to bareback on all sites reflects the change in public health information and in public demand.  The creativity and high quality production standards, generally reflected in long scenes with hot action.  An I finally the introduction of a Forum -- not a new idea by any means but a bold move providing members a different way to participate.   I also applaud NDS for continuing to allow members to download content at a variety of file sizes.
2018-04-10 20:07
DEREK , is to me VERY HOT.  I love beefy stocky Latinos and Blacks.  Whites - I'm not into.   I am into feet too.  "Derek" has sexy feet and a sexy face.  I like his foot worshipping videos on Jock Foot Fantasy . com  -  I''d love it if he had his feet worshipped, his toes sucked and soles licked here.  Also -- if he'd bottom that would be just PERFECT .... his feet up in the air, while another guy is sucking on his Latin toes  !!!
2018-03-29 22:24
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