Rental History

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When Leo Luckett agrees to let realtor Dalton Riley set up an open house, he does so putting aside their sordid past. Sure, Dalton and Leo had a bad falling out, but Leo really needs to sell his house, and Dalton claims to have a buyer. But after waiting around for the better part of an hour, Leo becomes suspicious and Dalton finally confesses that there never was a buyer. He set up the meeting as an excuse to see Leo. Leo is furious and lets Dalton know, and Dalton begins to storm out yet again. Leo gives chase, and for whatever reason, Dalton does an about-face, apologizing to Leo for everything that has happened. That's all Leo really needed to hear, and almost instantly, the two of them go from fighting to fucking. Dalton presses Leo against the stairwell as he reaches his hands deep down into Leo's pants, unzipping his own as Leo falls to his knees. Leo gives Dalton the head he's been missing since they broke up, and when Dalton returns the favor, Leo wonders why they ever split up in the first place. As Dalton slides his raw cock deep into Leo's waiting hole, he wonders the same, and as they fuck all over the stairs, the chemistry they share seems to have withstood the test of time, as Dalton plows Leo's hole before seeding it with his pent-up nut. He unleashes it all over Leo, breeding his hole as Leo jizzes from the penetration, and as the two of them lay there freshly reunited, the door opens and a would-be buyer gets an eyeful.Enjoy!

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Leo is incredibly sexy.
Please team him up with a handsome dark-haired guy such as Steve Rogers, Johnny Hill or a bearded Matty Strong.
2017-11-29 05:33
I am loving this consistent bareback format. Please keep this going. I am loving all of the performers. My only suggestion is for you to have the guys coming inside the other guys asshole and letting it ooze out or just see the come inside of it. This is the most erotic kind of gay bareback scene and I love them.
2017-10-26 22:17
ADMIN - Thanks for the feedback! Sadly we know most members prefer seeing the cumshot, and getting good "cum inside" shots can be a challenge.. but we love them when they're hot, too! Thumbs up my comment if you want to see more. - Martin
2017-10-27 16:51
Well done set up plot and good fuck.  Leo is a nice little blond bottom.  As for Dalton, who bottoms in most of his scenes, it takes a video like this to appreciate just how long his cock is, and how good a top he is. Nice ending of Leo getting his cum fucked out of him, and Dalton breeding Leo with a prospective buyer walking in on them.
2017-10-25 22:44

As an aside...why does the roster of "Most Popular" guys show Cody Cummings, Marcus Mojo & Tommy D  in the top 3 places - even though they have many fewer 'Likes' than other performers such as Markie More?

2017-10-21 14:15
ADMIN - As I mentioned in the comments for Zey's solo, that "most popular" page is dynamically ordered by total scene views and not by thumbs-up ratings,  (which were added much later to the site). - Martin
2017-10-27 16:39
I can't understand why it's so hard for NDS to realize that not everyone likes to the same the cum shot edited and framed the same way (it's always a close up of the dick).  There are plenty of us who like to see facial expressions WHILE (not before) a guy is shooting is load. The times who do get to see it it's always the bottom.  The top's face is cut out of every cum shot (or shown just before or after it's done).  I mean, damn!  Use a little creativity and mix it up!!  You've been editing the cum shot the same damn way for years now!
2017-10-21 10:14
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