Rise & Shine

  • : 05-03-2011 |
  • : 28642
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Samuel O'Toole is wiped out from a night of partying. Vance Crawford has come by to see how he's recovering from the festivities, but when he tries to wake Samuel up, there is no response. Vance tries to shake him, tries calling his name, and even pulls his dick out and starts messing around with it, but Sammy is just too tired to move. So Vance decides on one last tactic to wake him up, putting Sammy's long shaft all the way down his throat. And for good measure, Vance gets some flip cam footage of the whole episode. But when Sammy finally does wake up to find Vance lips fixed around his dick and camera poised and recording, Samuel decides to turn the tables on Vance and get some video footage of his own.


Samuel O'Toole

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1 comment

Wish you would have fucked Phenix in "Tug Buddies" otherwise excellent.
2016-01-02 20:40
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