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  • : 03-18-2008 |
  • : 2984
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Meet the biggest cock we've ever seen, oh, and meet Rod Spunkel, the guy who's packing this massive meat.

He's only 25 years old, but he's been dicking down girls with his tool since he was 15. We're surprised that any chic would be down to try to take his huge cock on. He's also a really nice guy.Rod works out and stays active by playing many different sports. Today, he'll be working out his right hand and his dick.



1.Occupation: BMW Mechanic

2.Sexual orientation: Straight

3.Favorite position: Many different ones

4.Astrological sign: Aquarius

5.Age you lost your Virginity: 15

6.Biggest Turn on: Deep-throating

7.Biggest Turn off: Smelly you-know-where

8.Biggest Celebrity Crush: Lindsey Lohan

9.Favorite food: Pizza

10.Best physical feature: Cock


1.Age: 25

2.Cock Length: 10'

3.Cock Girth: 6.75'

4.Cut or Uncut: Cut

5.Home state: Arizona

6.Height: 5'11''

7.Weight: 180

8.Shoe Size: 10

9.Waist size: 34

10.Eye color: Light blue/grey

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Huge,humongous thick guy
2015-03-23 02:12
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