Roomie Rub Down

  • : 07-06-2018 |
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Fresh off their workout, roommates Charlie Pattinson and Dante Colle are both feeling the burn, but Charlie's back is causing him some problems. He entertains the idea of calling a masseuse but Dante immediately tells him not to waste his money, grabbing his oil and telling Charlie to lay on the bed. Charlie does as instructed, and Dante begins to rub his aching muscles. Charlie quickly realizes Dante is way better than any professional he could've called, and the bulge in his pants lets Dante know just how much Charlie is enjoying himself. Taking a chance, Dante reaches into Charlie's pants and begins to massage his cock, and as it gets harder and harder, Dante throws all pretenses out the window and takes Charlie's cock into his mouth. Charlie moans his approval as Dante continues, stripping Charlie out of his shorts as he does the same. With both of them naked and rock hard, Charlie volunteers to give Dante a different sort of internal massage, slowly inching his bareback cock deep into Dante's waiting hole. He fills Dante up with his meatstick, gradually increasing his speed until he's fucking Dante fast and hard. Dante grips the bed sheets as Charlie continues to pound, moaning with every thrust of Charlie's prick. Charlie fucks Dante all over the bed in every position, his back pain now a distant memory. Flipping Dante over onto his back, he grabs Dante's legs and pulls him in closer, giving him one last hard push as Dante loses his load all over his stomach. Charlie continues until he's ready to nut, pulling out and blasting Dante's hole with his load, then shoving his cock back inside to go again. Enjoy!

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Dante you can rub me down anytime you like! You are one hot stud!
2021-12-06 20:44
Love Dante! Charlie was mediocre, he didn't seem to get hard.  There was just something wrong with the chemistry, mostly Charlie's lack of passion.  Don't know if I am right, but it seems that Charlie had a bad case of the sniffles; sinus issues.  Maybe he had a cold or maybe he had to do a line or two of coke to get through the scene.
2020-03-21 18:08
He always sounds like that lol.
2020-07-31 15:34
Charlie is SO hot.
2020-03-15 20:06
I love this video. With him still wear his shorts and his friend rubbing him. Totally awesome!
2019-10-09 04:31
Great scene - I love it when you do massage scenes as they seem to be the scenes where you put the most effort into building up the sexual tension before we get to the actual sex.  For me this is what makes a porn scene perfect.   No scene that is simply sex ever gets me as turned on as a scene with a plot and some build up!  Keep up the good work.
2019-09-15 00:13
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