Rub Me Tender

  • : 02-16-2016 |
  • : 13262
Featuring Nubius, Leander
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Leander is a rub-down aficionado. He's been to all the massage parlors in town and he's heard that Nubius's Nook is the best. Now he's stripping down, just after meeting proprietor Nubius, and preparing for what he's heard should be the rub of his life.

When Nubius enters and begins lathering up his strong hands, Leander feels his cock swelling. As Nubius kneads and manipulates the tight spots, Leander becomes extremely aroused. Soon, Nubius's crotch area is right in Leander's face. Leander doesn't wait for any more signal than this. He's too hungry for firm dick. He pulls down the elastic on Nubius's shorts and lets that huge cock pop right out in his face.

Leander sucks and Nubius works his fingers around Leander's tight, eager hole. After some good sucking from Leander, Nubius moves around to Leander's back side and has a taste of that wonderful ass.

This, as Nubius knows, is perfect prep for that sweet hole to accept fat, swollen cock. Nubius takes full advantage and inserts his pulsating dong into his client's inviting butt.

Join these two as Leander discovers his favorite new massage spot and Nubius enjoys an awesome day at work.


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Just  watched  this scene again.   Nubius  has a little mid-life weight on him however It works for him.  This has to be THE BEST rimming scene on all of ND'S sites.  even Markie, who is a great ass eater   could take a lesson from Nubius.  Leander should be on as regular.  Love the red hair etc. He has a deep throat and a hungry ass.   The chemistry with these two seemed  full on.   ND needs more like this.   Thumbs up from me!
2018-07-24 07:45
Nothing better than a Ginger and a Black this pair has tropical heat magic for sure/. Wish they would make another film
2018-03-25 17:38
I'm a black top that loves nothing more than eating a pink asshole good and deep. Leander definitely fits the bill. Beautiful boy. He deserves better.
2017-01-04 23:23
It´s a hot video. I have really enjoyed the giant Nubius changing from tender to straight forward inserting his wonderful hart cock in leaders butt. The amazing contrast between Nubius´s cock and the copper colored beard while deep sucking made me horny. Well done.
2016-09-11 12:12
I think it was a very hot video. Don't listen to these guy's that call You fat. That's Ridicules. I would like to see their fat asses online.
2016-07-03 01:16
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