Running Drills

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Running through morning mist, Jacob Marteny keeps a few strides ahead of his pal, Trevor Spade. They keep the pace brisk and the verbal exchange light. Whenever Jacob starts to slow down, Trevor is right behind him, reminding him to stay focused and determined.

When the boys finally return to Jacob's place, they relax for a moment on the bed. Trevor helps Jacob stretch out his leg muscles. As Trevor leans into his friend, pushing back on his leg, Jacob notices Trevor has grown an erection under his running shorts. Jacob is gay, but until now, has been sure his friend Trevor was straight! Whatever the case may be, it seems Trevor is game for a some fooling around. Jacob removes his shorts and allows Trevor to suck his fat cock. Trevor explains that this is all new to him, but Jacob isn't sure; Trevor sucks a GREAT dick. Watching him slurp makes Jacob hungry himself. He devours Trevor's cock on his knees before sucking him more on the bed. The sensation of another guy taking his boner in the mouth is new to Trevor, but he likes it. In fact, he's going further. See Jacob slam his hard meat into Trevor, and work him good. This is a crazy and sexy encounter you must see.


Next Door Twink

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Pros and Cons....
Pros:Jacob was quite believable.
I love Jacobs new look.
That BJ segment was AWESOME

Cons: Although Trevor held his own, I think maybe it best to NOT have a first timer fucking a seasoned dude.
-It was WAY to long, there were moments of dead time and ackwardness.
2015-01-05 02:41
Golly guys, this top sucked - unnervingly bad. Huh? What, you say? At least twice Mr Top told Mr. Bottom - in the midst of intense coitus - that he had a FAT ASS! IMHO, Mr. Bottom was movie-star gorgeous in all aspects - handsome, sweet, not bulked up, but slender and "toned" in a very nice, natural way. Didn't Mr. Top notice that when, without warning, he slapped Mr. Bottom's bum pretty hard a few times, said arse was not only attractively well-proportuned, but also HARD AS A ROCK?

I just signed up here. Sorry for us all: Watch/listen to Mr. Top. I believe you'll then notice that he is, throughout, a mildly negative counter to Mr. Bottom's 100% positive looks/talk/attitude. I'd say Mr. Top needs to realign his attitude into something much more professional. Perhaps he should start with a haircut.
2014-06-29 07:01
I did notice and did not like Jacob's "fat ass" comment (particularly since it was not justified at all). On an overall basis though, this was a very good video, and Jacob was a good top here as he was a good bottom for Johnny Maxim in that skater video a few weeks ago.
2014-06-30 00:12
Hot scene. I would like to see more scenes with Trevor, he is so sexy.
2014-06-01 10:40
Good Scene ! But still no downloadable Zip folder for the pictures :( Please fix this !!
2014-05-25 00:56
The entire photoset is available for download now in a ZIP file.
2014-05-28 13:33
I love the straight twink jock has his first gay encounter theme, particularly where, as here, the straight boy gets his virgin ass fucked. Very good dialogue between the two models during the oral and anal parts of the scene, and I liked Trevor's vocal enthusiasm while getting sucked, rimmed and fucked. Jacob showed his versatility by being a very good skater boy bottom for Johnny Maxim last month, and an excellent top of Trevor in today's scene. Also, I really liked how Jacob, after cumming over Trevor's stomach, then licked all of his cum up and fed some of it to Trevor with a french kiss. In sum, another great Tuesday twink scene!
2014-05-20 23:19
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