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Featuring Marcus Mojo
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Marcus Mojo is crazy excited about his plans tonight. A party with friends, then the club, then who knows? Man he's jacked. So pumped up that he can't sit still. He puts on his headphones and blasts the music in his ears, and then just starts bouncing off the walls. Jumping all around, he gets himself all worked up thinking about how much fun it will be. The music running through his ears, he realizes he'll burst if doesn't do something, so he instinctively pulls down his pants and begins to stroke his dick to the beat. Working himself up with the lube, he can feel his meat swelling in his hand as he lifts up onto his knees for more traction, fingering his taint and teasing his asshole. Reclining back on the chair, he feels the music's crescendo at the same time that he is at maximum overload, and he explodes on cue to the cascading sounds of drums and horns. Music for your ears, and for your eyes.Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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This kid makes me so hard I can hardly stand it !! He exudes sex !! I just want to put my face between those beefy thighs !! Give me an hour with Mr. Mojo and I could die a happy man !! Really !!
2015-08-17 21:36
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