SWAT Bottom

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As he talks relentless shit online, Elye Black never seriously considers that authorities might be closing in on him, but when he is surprised by agents inside his home, he realizes his threats online will have real consequences. As far as agents Markie More and Nicholas Ryder are concerned, Elye is small time, and hardly worth the paperwork. But he is pretty cute, and judging by the porn they found on his laptop, he's also into some pretty kinky shit. Agent More asks Elye if he'll do what's necessary to make this all go away, and Elye seems to be game, even as both agents cuff him and unzip their pants. Whipping out their dicks, Elye suddenly realizes what he's gonna have to a lot of blowing before this all blows over, so he gets to work, downing Markie's cock as Nicholas strokes his in anticipation. They take turns face fucking him and then throw him down on the sofa. Each agent has their turn at Elye's hole, fucking him raw dog as Elye services the other with his mouth. Having each had his fill of Elye's hole, Markie tells him he wants Elye to fuck him. Nicholas smiles and says he wants to see this, as Elye plunges his bareback cock deep into Agent More's waiting hole. He fucks him hard from behind as Nicholas strokes himself, spitting his load onto his stomach as he watches Markie take the dick. Elye sees Nicholas' load and it takes him over the edge as he seeds Markie's hole right then and there. Markie flips over and strokes himself off as both guys watch, and when it's all over, Elye is not sure he's really learned any sort of lesson. If this is how the bad guys get treated, he may very well decide on a future life of crime.

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For me, there are two main things that would have made the scene even hotter. First, imagine Nicholas and Markie with unshaved, hairy chests. Damn those clippers--these guys should show off their masculinity at its fullest! Second, why no shots of Nicholas penetrating Elye? His dick looks reasonably hard when he pulls away from Elye's ass, but we never see him enter or pull out from it (let alone actually fucking it). It makes me wonder if Nicholas couldn't get hard enough. That suspicion was compounded when he turned down the chance to fuck Markie. "I think I'll sit this one out," he said. Really?
2020-01-15 11:57
Not good, too much grooming beforehand
2019-07-28 05:09
This scene is awesome, Wish cops or swat would have their way with me damn. (Good looking cops/swat)
2019-03-30 06:36
Incredibly hot. Markie is a stud but my one critic for him is to stop the annoying slurping sounds he makes when sucking cock. Its distracting from what he is doing. Great scene!
2018-10-08 08:40
Golly I like Markie Moore.
2018-09-12 01:39
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