Samuel O'Toole

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  • : 04-12-2010 |
  • : 10334
Featuring Samuel O'Toole
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Meet Samuel O'Toole. This young buck has it all. A killer smile, a great body and a fat cock! On top of that, he's got a great, laid back attitude. We're really happy to have him on our sets, as we're sure you'll be too, once his clothes come off!

For this scene, Mr. O'Toole will be demonstrating the art of masturbation, and the lovely orgasm. Samuel begins by admiring himself in the mirror, gazing over his toned body and large muscles. Once in the buff, Samuel grabs a hold of his fat hog and gives it a slow, sensual stroking until his balls tighten up and he unloads his massive load all over a nearby mirror. Anyone want to lick it up? We bet!


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1 comment

Sexy guy with hot hairy ass !!!
2018-04-27 16:00
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