Senator Cumslut

  • : 04-19-2017 |
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Senator Navarro has been fucking over his constituents for some time, but today his penchant for dirty secret dealings have put him in a compromising position, and the Senator will finally get his comeuppance. Tied to a chair and expecting his twink intern, he instead encounters Scott Demarco, who has an entirely different scenario in mind. Rather than playing nice, Scott roughs Draven up, face fucking his lying mouth before bending him over his desk. Scott punishes the Senator for all his dirty deeds, fucking him hard and raw from behind as Draven screams from the pain and pleasure of it all. Scott flips him over and fucks the cum out of him, pulling out and coating his face with his load as Draven sucks him dry, a practice he's become very good at given his line of work. Enjoy!

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I love seeing a big muscle guy bottom.  Draven is perfect!  Great muscles--what a hunk! Love the way he moans and cries out.  And eating cum at the end was a bonus--the icing on the cake lol!  Really love to see a lot more of Draven.  LIke to see his "blond twink" nailing him!
2020-03-25 17:14
I would love to see more of Draven Navarro. Did this one scene and then no more and he makes a terrific bottom! And that body is fantastic. Hot man all round and cute as hell!! Please bring him back. This scene was shot a year ago! MORE, PLEASE!!!!!!
2018-04-22 15:31
ADMIN - We try to produce content that will garner positive response from the majority of our subscribers. Unfortunately although we thought Draven was a hot piece of man-meat, this one missed the mark for most of our users and has kept us from shooting him again. Hopefully the opinions of the majority will be more open in the future! - Martin
2018-04-23 17:14
Personally, I like Navarro a lot. I hope that he's not going to be in just one video. He's got a hot body and makes a great bottom. Would love to see him thrown around by really big guys. Good looking too!
2017-06-30 22:01
Is  it  me  or  is  Scott  turning  into  a  stud , maybe  it's  the  beard  but  he  doesn't  seem  to  be  as  nerdy  and  wimpy  as  he  did  in  his  earlier  scenes.  He  was  smokin'  hot  in  this  one !  I  gave  it  a  thumbs  up  because  of  him.  Mr. Draven  wouldn't  be  my  first  choice  as  someone  to  watch  in  a  scene  but  I  don't  understand  all  the  negative  comments  about  him.  Everyone  seems  so  hateful  when  expressing  their  opinions  anymore !  No  one  is  civil  or  polite  today  and  that's  so  sad  for  our  society.  Think  how  the  other  person  must  feel , what  if  that  were  you ?  If  you  can't  say  something  positive  don't  say  anything  at  all.  Not  everyone  cares  what  your  opinion  is.  Something  to  think  about.
2017-06-21 10:53
Draven was awesome!  Loved this scene!  Loving the diversity!
2017-04-29 23:31
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