Sensual Enticement

  • : 01-03-2017 |
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As Leo Brooks lays down for his afternoon nap, Brandon Jones prowls in and looks to take advantage. Leo is tired, but Brandon uses his bubbly ass to entice his lover to engage in amorous activity.

Brandon is pulled into bed and gets right into some hot smooching. That leads Brandon to suck on Leo's big, hard cock. Then Leo gets behind Brandon to lick that tight hole, getting it ready to accept a stiff, swollen gift. Brandon knows that feeling and has been waiting for it all day. He presents his ass to Leo and Leo slides his throbbing erection in deep. Leo pounds that sweet ass from behind for a while before switching things up. Brandon climbs atop Leo and bounces on that firm dick as Leo jerks Brandon's big, happy cock. Finally, Bandon lays on his back and takes a hard, unrelenting fuck from powerful Leo. Join them and give in to your primal, sensual desires.


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Brandon Jones and Leo Brooks made a hot video. Both guys are clearly sexually attracted to each other and into it. Sizzling chemistry! It also helps that Brandon Jones clearly is into black men. And that is important I feel. I thank Brandon Jones for doing these videos. We need more white models who are into black men to do interracial videos. The enthusiasm Brandon has for Leo and vice versa made this video work and it is hot. It is a topic most people do not mention on here but in order for the interracial videos to work you NEED white models who are sexually attracted to black men. Glad Next Door Studios has Brandon Jones and it is no surprise he is a fellow Canadian. I am not surprised at all Brandon is a Canadian because Canadians seem more open minded about interracial than Americans.
2017-02-03 22:17
NDEbony, you did a good job with this video , Leo Brooks is so hot, love his tattoed body, nipples and of cource that huge cock.....Leo becomes my favorite, he is so hot as hell.  The Best top is he too for brandon Jones, who is a hottie the scene Ebony and bring us more LEO BROOKS  soon.... !!
2017-01-04 11:00
Very nice  Brandon  always does a great job especially since he likes them BIG & black.  Need to add more  interracial  on all sites  and not just topping.
2017-01-04 07:17
Very hot scene.  One of the best you've done in quite a while.
2017-01-04 05:38
Very nice!
2016-12-13 09:55
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