She Hired Me

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As Markie More goes about his usual morning routine, prying eyes are watching. It seems Markie's wife doesn't think he's being honest with her, so she's hired Rod to find out whether or not Markie is into guys. As Rod snoops around, Markie hops into the shower. Rod pays special attention to Markie's physique as he watches his subject shower, and as Markie begins to get dressed, Rob's curiosity gets the best of him as he tries to sneak a little closer to get a better view, and that's when Markie catches him.

To Markie's credit, he handles it in stride, and instead of freaking out, he calmly questions Rod as to his purpose. When he finds out that Rod has been hired by his wife, he figures the best way to teach her a lesson is to turn the tables, and sensing Rod's enticement, he lures Rob closer until the two of them are lip locked in embrace.

Rod pushes Markie onto the bed and begins to kiss down his chest, making his way to Markie's cock. Rod sucks it down in one mouthful, bobbing up and down on Markie's dick as Markie pushes his head further down the shaft. Rod flips Markie over and proceeds to tongue his ass, fantasizing about what it will feel like to fuck Markie's sweet hole.

Moments later, fantasy becomes reality as Rod hits Markie from behind. Markie's eyes roll back into his head as Rod continues to pound away, and then the guys switch, and Markie lines up behind Rod's muscular physique, remarking that if his wife thought he was gay she shouldn't have sent such a hot private dick.

Markie slips inside of Rod and then the flip over and Rod grinds and rides Markie's hard dick until he spits his load all over his client, as Markie pulls out and sprays him down with the evidence of Markie's guilt. As they lay there sweating, Rod promises not to tell Markie's wife anything, but Markie has had all the confirmation he needs.

'Nah, make sure to tell her everything that happened,' he says with a cum drenched smile.


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Really like this video, both guys are great! Love Markie More
2016-07-30 12:41
please more cumeating
2016-04-04 14:30
Memo to Markie More: When you suck dick, it's not soup, and you are not in Japan! Tone down with the sound effects, or tell the sound man and Rosso to do the same!! I'ts to annoying!!!
2016-01-05 14:06
Okay, I wrote something about Markie More, I just love that guy, yes I know he is bi , and not gay buy he just too sexy and hot, too look away, now I will protect my GLBTQ community wherever they are, and they are many...I am told that the "GAY FOR PAY" or str8 doing gay stuff is going out, so as a jew I am allowed to have four GAY FOR PAY, since a got M. Mark I need three more, the GLBTQ community will pick the others. Yet this vid was cool. Larry Sims
2015-12-31 19:22
Okay, I don't like bi actors but this Markie More for a white guy is f-ing sexy and hot, look these type of vids do NOT turn me on, but somewho he does the job, yes I want to have sex with him, if he lets me, but I will take a you guys sell them.
2015-11-15 14:15
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