Side Jobs

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Brandon Lewis has struggled lately to find steady work. For a hands-on labor kinda guy, sometimes the jobs just aren't there. Luckily, Brandon's friend Samuel O'Toole runs a successful contracting business. Brandon and Samuel grew up together, so Sammy's usually willing to help out his old pal by giving him a spot on the crew.The boys are hanging out in the shade while taking a break between jobs. Samuel brought a few ice cold beers for them to enjoy. After chatting about work and cooling off with their brews, Samuel gets up to pee. But he finds his dick too hard to get even a drop out! Brandon's impressed by the size of his buddy's cock. He can't help but grab it to test the weight. Sure enough, it's a heavy piece of meat. It's just the right fit to be a perfect mouthful. Samuel lets Brandon go in for a nice suck job. As a long-time job foreman, he knows this is the perfect solution to revive them both for the rest of the day's labor. Brandon's own flesh pole grows into a healthy erection and the guys switch so Samuel can have a taste. Now THIS is the type of break they needed! Watch Brandon finish by exploding all over Sammy's bare feet as these hard working dudes take an opportunity to beat the heat. Enjoy!

Samuel O'Toole

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I love facials!
2018-10-13 19:49
I love Brandon Lewis . He is so hot and so sexual but, yet seems to be a real layed back guy. I would love to meet up with him and slip back with a couble of beers and just talk. I am a true dreamer. Daryn Wolfe.
2014-03-16 23:52
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