Simply Sensuous

  • : 03-06-2013 |
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Featuring Cody Cummings
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Sometimes Cody Cummings likes to take things down a notch, do some relaxing, and just bring some real sexiness to the table. That's what he's doing this time as he slowly strips down in his office. The late afternoon sun is just about to set and the light is pouring in through the blinds, dancing off Cody's luscious, tan skin. He's inviting you to join him as he fattens up his large dick for some hot stroking. You'll get to see him, wearing only black dress socks, jerking his meat with a strong fist, massaging that massive cock. Then take a look at his muscular but round ass as it moves back and forth, pushing his erect meat into his hand. This is an extremely sexy, highly erotic session. Make sure you're ready for Cody's unique brand of incredible solo sensuousness.


Cody Cummings

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1 comment

why is it the the video and the photos almost seem to have NO relation to each other. Not the best job, not sure why Cody wants to hide in darkness so much..
2016-03-17 16:12
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