Sneaky Fun

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Alex Tanner has a secret, and his name is Charlie Pattinson. Alex's parents don't know about Charlie, and that's exactly how he'd like to keep things for the moment, but Charlie's cock sure is tempting. Alex doesn't want to get caught, but he can't stop imagining Charlie's thick meat inside his mouth, sliding down his throat, then flipping him over and pounding him until he can't take it any longer. He decides to sneak Charlie in for a quickie, and Charlie proves to be quite the back door man, stripping Alex out of his clothes and sucking him off before fucking his brains out all over the bed. Alex doesn't know why he waited so long to invite Charlie in, but now that he's there, he's making it his. He fucks the cum out of Alex, who moans without fear of getting caught as Charlie blasts him with his back door load, before sneaking out the same way he came. Enjoy!

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I forgot the gorgeous and exciting rusty-blond bush
that surround the nice Alex's cock, belly and balls ;
I know, I'm hairs addicted but this blond/russet bush
has something to convince not to trim or shave such a turning on beauty,
A precious stone at the base of a nice finger.
2020-05-31 21:05
Without any doubt, THE BEST CHARLIE'S SCENE !!!!
My all time best scene for a lot of reason too long to write here.
And after watching this outstanding scene, I'm absolutely speechless.
I Know, being speechless, I should shut off :-)
He is the most beautiful man, the most sensual and let talk the scene...
Perfect body, just hairy enough...what a wonderful hairy chest...
Who told that hairs on a chest kills the shape, the lines of pecs ????
To the contrary, hairs here are like a subtle eyeliner underlining the beauty
of a beautiful girl eye...
And Alex is here the outstanding, the best partner.
They complete each other with charm, sensuality.
If Charlie is not gay, give him an Oscar in a first role:
a straight who plays gay doesn't kiss tenderly the back
pf his partner while he fucks him softly, tenderly.
I thought I was viewing a love scene, not a porn video.
All is there. Nothing to add. Both are fabulous;
just a 0,5 more to Charlie; so he has a 10,0 Absolutely P E R F E C T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2020-05-31 21:01
Not keen on Alex to smoothed over for me
2019-07-16 15:22
One of Charlie's best scenes. He has stepped up his game and has been reciprocating. My main issue is that he really needs to learn how to suck dick better. He does it like he is brushing his teeth. Really, people are complaining about painted toe nails? I thought it was kinda cute. Also, love the color :) Good scene overall. 
2019-04-13 15:56
I've been a fan of Alex since he was an 18 and 19 year old skinny red headed twink getting his hot little ass fucked.  He has evolved into his twenties losing his twink look but becoming more buffed from work in the gym, remaining one of Next Door's best bottoms.  I love how Alex whimpers when he is receiving head and whimpers and moans as he is getting fucked.  Sorry that in focusing on the great mutual oral exchange and the hot fuck of Alex, I missed completely the color of Alex' s toe nails.
2019-04-11 22:00
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