Sold by the Pound

  • : 08-23-2013 |
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It's one of the hardest hitting tops Next Door Ebony has ever brought you. Jay Black is back and he's geared up to pound the sweet ass on Damian Brooks.

As Jay naps out on the sun deck, Damian creeps up, stoops down, and plants a smooch on Jay. Soon Damian has his lips wrapped around Jay's huge, swollen cock, sucking like the cum fiend he is. Jay likes the way Damian works a dick. They retreat to the bedroom to get even more physical. After some more nice, passionate sucking, Jay positions Damian for some rimming and tongue fucking. Just as Jay figured, Damian's hole is tight and just right for a hard, no-mercy pounding. Watch him take advantage of precious, willing Damian as he slams that enormous dong into Damian's hot pocket from behind, then from underneath a couple different ways. It's pure power and peak pleasure at this super hot pound party.



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1 comment

The brief view of Jay Black's hole [I think it's Jay's] makes me long for more! It's a thing of beauty the way he flexes it in and out! Just makes me want to watch it longer!
2020-12-17 00:09
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