Stepbrother's Dirties

  • : 06-28-2019 |
  • : 11634
Featuring Aspen, Elye Black
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When Elye Black catches step-brother Aspen jerking off in his room while sniffing his underwear, he has two choices: get mad or get even. Luckily for Aspen, Elye is the type of brother who could appreciate suddenly finding out there's a secret cock pig in the house, and he tells Aspen to go ahead and get himself a sniff of the real thing as he pulls out his cock. Aspen can't believe his fortune but he wastes no time hopping onto Elye's dick and downing it in one swallow. He engulfs Elye's cock, deep throating him as Elye pushes his head further and further down onto his shaft. Once Elye is nice and hard, he throws Aspen onto the bed and punishes his hole for sneaking around. To his credit, Aspen loves every inch of Elye's payback, willingly taking every thrust as Elye fucks his way to justice. After fucking the cum out of him, Elye pulls out and empties himself onto his step-brother, who couldn't fantasize a better brotherly bonding moment if he tried.Enjoy!

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Aspen is a beauty, his body a wonder and his cock: desirable. I would suck it all days
and at night, I would ask him to fuck my ass all the night but facing me for I see
his beautiful face, his wonderful hairy chest and hairy belly trail and finally his
hard great cock drilling my hole until he's ready to cum inmy face for I swallow
all his cum and lick and clean that fabulous cock until clean like nothing would
have happen.....and then ....go ahead for another time please....
2020-07-03 18:01
I love this vid! Love the story and I'm definitely a fan of Elye Black! He's funny and entertaining!
2019-11-19 03:10
I would have liked to have seen kissing in this scene.  Nothing hotter than seeing two guys make out.  So this scene did nothing for me, which is a shame because they guys stay hard and the sex moves along well.     Again the lack of connection just did not spark it for me.    Something you might expect out two homophobic guys?
2019-10-11 07:38
So fucking hot!  Watching Aspens ass bounce as he gets fucked doggy style and then grinds Elye while sitting on his dick send me over the edge!
2019-10-06 01:20
Love Aspen, this is what I want men looking like MEN
2019-07-14 13:43
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