Straight Cherry

  • : 02-01-2017 |
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Miles Taylor is seeking something new and different, something he's never done but always wanted to try. When Seamus O'Reilly arrives, he quickly learns that Miles has a fantasy for big cock, no matter how much he likes women. Luckily for Miles, Seamus is packing the necessary equipment to fulfill Miles' needs. Unzipping out of his pants, he reveals his rock hard dick and Miles' eyes light up at the thought of it.

He takes it slow, first in his mouth, choking a little on it's size when Seamus pushes his head down the shaft. Then, after tonguing Miles' hole, Seamus gives it to him raw, as Miles mounts his pole and proceeds to pop his straight cherry. He rides Seamus slowly, unsure at first, but taking a liking to it as he continues, until he can take no more.

Laughing, Seamus bends over and shows Miles how to properly take a cock, telling him to pound him. Miles fucks Seamus from behind as Seamus begs him on, telling him to jizz all over his ass. Miles does as instructed, losing is load all over Seamus as he repeatedly goes in and out of Seamus' hole, seeding it with his throbbing cock, as Seamus busts his nut all over himself.. Enjoy!

Next Door Raw


This is how porn oughta be. Two hot guys; Sean is so great at talking (why the hell do most porn stars keep silent??) and I love seeing Sean rim Miles' hairy hole. Then - the best with two guys...they flip-fuck! What's happened to these two hotties???
2021-01-11 23:06
What ever happened to Str8 Trick with Seamus O'Rilley, Bridger Watts & Asher Devin? Ive seen the scene in a full movie release bu t can't find it any longer on the site.
2020-10-30 17:20
Hey Seamus ! Great to see you back on Nextdoor after three years.
Perhaps you made other videos elsewhere but here
on Nextdoor, we just have three: teo in 2014 and this one in 2017.
More mature but still sexy and very desirable "rusty hairs " body.
In French, we say " roux or rouquin " but in english, I'm not sure.
Anyway, they talk about redhead models lol lol lol
And you're still the most beautiful one, by far, my "russet" guy.
Thanks to be back
2020-05-25 10:19
Please, please bring these two back! Seamus is so incredibly hot and that huge cock of his is beautiful in front of his red bush. Miles played his part perfectly and took Seamus like a champ. Loved the scene, hot smoking hot!
2019-02-20 08:58
Please bring back Seamus and Miles!. This scene was incredibly hot and the cock on Seamus....WOW!!
2019-02-20 08:37
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