Straight Chexxx Episode 2

  • : 04-07-2017 |
  • : 26913
Featuring Markie More, Ty Thomas
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Quentin is finding it hard to work on his career in acting due to the lack of respect his straight roommate Jimmy shows. Even if tolerating it solves his rent issues, the sound of the straight couple fucking all the time is more than he can bare. Quentin finds himself at the mercy of his friend Ty Thomas who seems to be facing troubling times as well with his struggle to find his own sexuality and what he wants out of life. Desperate to find a why to expand his webcam business and clients in order to kick Jimmy out of his place, Quentin decides he enter a local underwear dance content at a gay bar to promote his webcam show. After some convincing, Ty agrees to join Quentin on his adventure and the boys find themselves emerged in an night out on the gay town where paths cross once again with troubled pasts. All seems well, until Ty is reunited with his ex-boyfriend Mark Long who isn't happy about the encounter and storms out. When Mark's best friend, Markie More, stumbles upon Ty while looking for his friend and finds himself in a position of built of heated lust and both Markie and Ty take advantage of the moment that leads to Markie finally filling his mouth with that big dick of Ty's he'd been thinking about since the day he saw him taking a shower. He devours Ty's manhood leaving his rock hard and dripping wet as he pre-cums all over the group in the alley and then flips Ty around and sinks his tongue deep in Ty's ass. After tasting all him and getting his hole nice and wet, Markie quickly drops his pants and slides his throbbing dick inside of Ty making his moan through the alleyway. This turns into a deep and hard fuck sending Ty into animalistic behaviours as he throws Markie onto a nearby stack of tires and gives him the blowjob of his life, nothing like ass to mouth! After Markie is pre-cumming all in Ty's mouth, he grabs Ty and throws him on his back on the tires and slides his dick back inside Ty and fucks him missinoary as they intensely make out. This is all great, until the need to be in control drives Ty to flip Markie and ride his dick until his blows his load all over this hole. Markie hasn't taste Ty enough yet, so he begs for his load on his knees to finish out this intense fuck session where everyone can see their business in the alley, even Mark. 

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Ty telling Markie, "Make me your Cumslut."  This is the best beginning of a gay sex scene ever!
2019-08-05 16:54
Why isn't this tagged as outdoor
2017-07-31 15:10
Interesting series.  I've never seen so many hot guys claiming to be straight and then having hot sex with each other.  I guess that makes them bi.  Any scene with Ty Thomas getting fucked is a great scene.  That hot butt was made to be fucked.
2017-04-15 23:59
hmmm...........I like the Straight Chexxxx series. This is obviously a theme for straight dudes that mess around with guys, but don't consider themselves gay (bi much? LOL). Nice concept. Good acting and script writing. I really feel like I am watching a full length Hollywood feature film. Love the emotional DRAMA. NDS is the best internet PORN SITE in the business. Keep up the good work fellas. I am surprised that no one has complained about this series being HOMOPHOBIC. Refreshing. BTW I am really starting to realize how GORGEOUS Ty Thomas is. Another thing we must witness Markie More make love to Mark Long. I know Markie says he is retired, but bring him back for a Chexxx series reunion and have Long and More flip fuck. After all Markie More is the only man that has fucked Mark Long on camera. They obviously appear to be attracted to each other in this series. Make it happen ROCCO, PLEASE!!!!
2017-04-08 06:54
Maniacal Zebra
Markie unretired on March 25th or so.
2017-04-08 11:27
TY THOMAS IS A GREEK GOD.  Every inch of him is beautiful...and that cock is the stuff dreams are made of.  I look for every instance he is showcased in a video to add to my library of favorites.
2017-04-08 03:54
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