Straight Chexxx Episode 3

  • : 04-14-2017 |
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The drama continues as Mark and Markie face troubling times in their friendship following Markie's steamy encounter with Mark's ex, Ty. While the tensions rise, Mark discovers that his over-sexed Captain American neighbor is actually his hot trainer he has been lusting for and finds himself in an opportune moment when Jimmy invites him to explore the wild side with him as his girlfriend watches. Ty is struggling to find himself sexually and although Markie's become a regular satisfaction in his life, they quickly realize that the two of them are looking for something totally different. The sexual games are underway for Ty and the adventures are beginning, but Markie is seeking to fill a missing piece as a result of his broken heart and lack of honesty with his best friend, Mark. Quentin Gainz is finally catching a break and has his big audition with a hot casting director named Dean Phoenix. However, Quentin finds himself in a compromising situation when he is late for his first audition and Dean isn't so happy. The two can't seem to end the heated moment as a lesson in being professional turns to a heated lesson of what it takes to get on top. This steamy and deep penetrating affair will make you sweat just watching as they find some clever ways to fuck in the theatre. Quentin finds Dean's mature hands know exactly how to put him in his place and Dean shows Quentin what a legendary dick is suppose to feel like as he pumps away. The session is so intense that Quentin actually begins to find himself falling for a man for the first time. Enjoy!

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Dean is as hot as ever. Please use him much more. Quentin is so fucking sexy. The only way he could be better is if he got rid of all those ridiculous tattoos.
2020-09-17 23:38
I would love to see these two very hot men in another scene together with all the lights on and bareback. They seem into each other. I like the pacing - just needs to be brighter and, of course, let's get to them asap - and bareback - both models do it in other scenes, so I was looking forward to it here!!!!! Both guys are delish!!!
2018-10-29 17:58
Is there an edited version of this? This scene seems to last forever and the sex is so slow it looks like it's in slow motion.
2017-04-18 22:17
Wow, this gay soap opera series really picks up the pace in this edition.  Ty continues to claim that he is straight talking on the phone while being blown by Markie, Jimmy invites Mark to have a three way with him and his girlfriend, with the girlfriend then taking  Quentin's cam show camera to record Mark fucking Jimmy and cumming up his butt, and the highlight of the scene, Dean and Quentin performing a classic casting couch scene.  While I admit that my first choice in gay porn is watching two hot twinks going at it, I am open to scenes of hot models of other ages.  With all the recent posts of alleged racism on this website (which I find dubious), the discriminatory ageism by some of the posters to this scene calling Dean dad, grandpa and ugly are really over the top.  Dean is clearly in good physical shape with a long in length, thick in girth really big dick.  Quentin clearly enjoyed his lengthy fuck by Dean as evidenced by Quentin's hard cock throughout the fuck.  You cannot fake a hard on, and Quentin's stiff dick showed that he was really into his fuck by Dean.  Many an aspiring actor whether straight or gay has given up his mouth, ass or both to a casting director to get his initial role in a movie cast or Broadway chorus.  That makes this Dean/Quentin scene particularly believable and effective.
2017-04-17 23:04
HOT!  Quentin took Dean's huge cock in his mouth and ass like a champ.  Quentin is so cute and sexy but on the smaller size so I wonder what he thought when he held that big piece of meat in his hands?
2017-04-17 17:42
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