Straight From The Country

  • : 12-17-2015 |
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When Quentin Gainz's tractor breaks down on the farm, Dante Martin, who's taking a tour of the property, happens upon him. Dante LIKES what he sees! He especially likes Quentin's nice, plump ass and strong physique. Dante decides to see if he can help Quentin out.

Quentin is a bit surprised at first to encounter Dante, but he's glad someone is willing to help him get the tractor back in working order. As Dante takes a look at the gears, Quentin notices how nice Dante's ass looks. Dante calls him out on it and Quentin is totally embarrassed. But Dante reassures him that it's totally cool. In fact, Dante can see that this is a perfect opportunity to talk a straight guy into crossing some boundaries.

Quentin is reluctant, but Dante says just the right things to get himself into those tight jeans. Quentin agrees to let him suck his fattened dick. Boy, that country-boy cock tastes so good in Dante's wet mouth. After Quentin lets his guard down a little more, Dante convinces him to return the favor. Quentin goes to his knees and takes Dante's throbbing erection down his throat. Hey, not bad for a first timer!

Quentin decides that since he's gone this far, he might as well let Dante lick his ass. The feeling is better than Quentin had imagined. It feels so good, in fact, that Quentin gives Dante the ok to fuck his virgin, country-boy hole! That's right, Dante is lucking out and getting himself some sweet, down-home flavor! Watch these two have a good old time as Quentin learns a thing or two about what getting pounded on the farm is really like!

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I just joined this site about a month ago;  I grew up on a farm and this story is so real.  Great acting and hot bodies and nice cocks and cum loads.  It is my fave video at this point and can watch it every day.  Dante's pecs and hard body get me so horny.  Id strip naked on the freeway just to blow him or let him fuck my hole.  Omg so fucking hot.  Dante you are one hot sexy stud you can take and give, my kinda horny boy!!!  Love your pecs bro!!!!
2019-10-25 00:29
Loved Dante sucking and licking all around Quentin’s dick, balls and taint. But especially to get Dante licking Quentin’s butt at the close up angle that we! Quentin must have shaved his butt before this, which is totally awesome, his hole must have been tingling. Not to mention Quentin then licking Dante’s butt as well....probably couldn’t ask for a better scene!
2019-01-11 00:33
Didn't like this video, no kissing at all. Quentin is too hot for these sort of things, he exudes passion but there this was very much run of the mill.
2018-03-18 13:55
move away from airport..
2016-05-22 01:08
get rid of the NDM underwear...
2016-05-22 00:59
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