Strictly Business

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We move through life encountering different types of people in varying environments. We draw upon 'schemas' in order to conduct ourselves in a befitting manner. We play the handshake game, the smile-and-nod, swallowing every drop of status quo. Today Marcus Mojo will walk the line. He plans to give Johnny Torque an opportunity to expand his horizons. As Lead Talent Scout for Mojo Models, Johnny and Marcus pour over photos of hot, nude men together on a regular basis. When Marcus suggests that Johnny move to a role in front of the camera, he agrees to strip down with only a little reluctance. Johnny's cock is to Marcus's liking. But the true test comes when Marcus plants his two lips around it to see how Johnny reacts to receiving a blowjob from a sexy, chiseled gentleman. Find out how the industrious young Mr. Torque holds up under the pressure of evaluation when he slides his hardened dick into Marcus's tight asshole. They are these passionate situations that blur the lines between pleasure and strictly business. Enjoy!

Marcus Mojo

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great shot on the socks
2016-02-21 01:02
Two of my favorites on the site ! I just love Johnny's perky tits and skinny butt and Marcus' blue eyes and beefy build ! They are both so vocal when they cum that they make me hard !! Both guys always have awesome cum shots ! Love these guys !!

I could be wrong but wasn't that Johnny on the DVD box by Marcus' head while he was getting fucked ?
2015-12-30 16:06
Got to be my favourite Marcus video just love guys in shirts
2014-07-19 20:09
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