Stroked to Be Here

  • : 07-22-2012 |
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Featuring Trystan Bull
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Trystan Bull is new to the scene in this somewhat bashful solo performance. Sent to a casting, Trystan learns the ropes as the director rather callously puts him through the paces of a standard porn interview. Trystan disrobes and shows of his semi hard cock, bends over and exposes his meaty ass and flexes his ripped muscles to the director's approval. Having seen enough, the director dismisses Trystan and tells him to wait in the adjacent room for later. Somewhat restless and already aroused, Trystan discovers a porn mag and cannot resist, so after looking around to make sure he won't be caught, he goes ahead and begins to stroke himself into erection, spreading his legs and letting the full length of his cock hang out. Thumbing through the pages, he goes faster and faster, bending over and stroking his balls as he jacks himself harder and harder, finally cumming on the couch he's reclined upon. Well if only the director had seen that this booking would be in the bank- the spank bank that is!Enjoy!

Trystan Bull

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I am in complete lust for Trystan but when he said it was his first time I thought to myself, at taking your shirt off.. lol. looked like he was having problems. Made it even more enjoyable.
2018-09-03 01:09
@ "Trystan is one of my All-time-Favs - but I think it is time to get this prime ass pounded ..." I so agree, I want to see him get bottomed at least once!
2014-12-23 18:02
Trystan is one of my All-time-Favs - but I think it is time to get this prime ass pounded ...
2014-12-05 16:28
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