Study Buddies

  • : 01-02-2020 |
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Michael Jackman and Jackson Cooper are bored as hell and looking for some action, thinking roomie Will might be the perfect distraction for a boring afternoon. The only problem is that Will Braun is hunkered down and studying for finals, but they begin tomorrow, and he just started studying like 5 minutes ago, so when Michael and Jackson come and demand that he take a 30 minute break, Will figures he's fucked either way, might as well enjoy it. And while he may not know shit about Calculus, Will could pass his oral exam with flying colors, taking both of them in his mouth at the same time before taking a much deeper dive into the subject matter. Michael and Jackson aren't any smarter than Will when it comes to science stuff, but like him, their fucking abilities are truly head of the class material. Maybe all three of them should forget about college and just do porn instead.


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It was soooooo HOT to see a three way fucking. When the guys were getting fuck all together at the same time one guy riding a cock, and another guy riding on the guy cock that is getting fuck as well. HOT !!! Wish to see more nipple play, notice two of the guys had wired nipples. Would be fun to see guys sucking on guys nipples as they do a cock. Wired nipples are fun to enjoy too.
2020-04-16 04:31
Michael Jackman, as usual, if perfection. Will Braun, although not my type, is great at what he does. But the nose ring in Jackson Cooper has got to go. Your not a fucking bull. What you are is one hot man with a great body and beautiful balls and cock. I couldn't focus on the scene because my eyes kept looking at that awful nose ring of yours. When was the last time you ever saw anyone with those in anyway? Was this scene filmed in 1995 and just released?
2020-03-08 18:33
12 Jan
Will is so hot--perfect for an orgy scene!
2020-01-12 05:13
I found the scene a little boring.  I don´t like the nose ring in the model.  the action took too long!
2020-01-06 07:49
God these three were amazing together. I have a mad crush on Will. I'd give anything for 5 minutes of cuddle time with him lol.
2020-01-04 22:15
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